Introducing our new Beachreader sunglass lenses

Ever wish you had non-prescription sunglasses that you could read with while enjoying the sun?  Our Beachreader lenses offer you the flexibility to select custom frame, tint and power choices to match your specific needs and sense of style.

Most of our SOTB Signature Lines frames can be ordered with Beachreader bifocal lens.  Powers can be ordered in book distance (14-18 inch focal range) or arms length (30-36 inch focal distance).

Suggested sunglass purposes:

Arms length

  • Good for viewing dashboard information in the car
  • Reading average sized book or magazine print under a bright sun
  • Limiting interference with your golf swing, sports or yard work.

Book distance

  • Best for reading maps or other small print
  • Anything else requiring detailed close vision.

Ordering your new Beachreader lenses in an arms length distance is easy.  Simply deduct .75 from your usual reading glasses power.  For example, if you usually wear a +2.00 reading glass you would order a +1.25 for an arms length focal point.

These 28mm wide, scratch resistant coated bifocals are available in a wide variety of power ranges.  Use the drop down boxes to select your preferred power as well as color choice.  All segments will be placed 6mm below the geometric center of the frame with a pupilary distance of 60mm if not otherwise specified.  The distance portion of the lens will have no refractive power.

Currently not available in no-line or progressive lens styles or full prescription.

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