Frame Sizing Guide

Frame sizes are reflected in millemeters (mm) with the lens size first and the bridge (or nasal) size second. The sizing guide below is a general guide for a lot of the popular styles. This guide may not be the case for Lennon frames, which have a smaller style to them, or big, Hollywood frames, which tend to be larger overall.  Some styles include fitting icons for our facial size suggestions:

XS Extra small    S Small    M Medium    L Large    XL Extra large faces

A combination of icons may mean a frame is available in multiple sizes appropriate for multiple face sizes.  If only one frame size is shown as available, multiple icons indicate that a frame may be appropriate for any size in between.

Eye Sizes (the first number before the x)

Numbers 52 and lower are generally considered to be good for smaller faces

56 and lower are are generally considered to be good for medium sized faces

Numbers 57 and greater are generally considered for larger faces

Bridge Sizes (the second number after the x)

Numbers less than 15 are generally considered to for narrower noses

16-18 are generally considered for average noses

Numbers 19 and greater are generally considered for broader nose


56x18   a good fit for someone with a face and nose that is on the larger side of average

48x15   a good fit for a smaller face

60x16  a good fit for a larger face or someone looking for a large sunglasses look